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Flirting Tips For Men

Flirting Tips Eye Contact

Flirting Tips Eye Contact

In many of my posts I’ve provided detailed steps on how to get closer to girls using a number of techniques. One area that needs some attention is around the subject of flirting and tips on the right and wrong way to approach this tricky subject.

Flirting Tips

So you managed to start a conversation with a new girl or you my even already know the girl quite well. You’ve checked the body language signal and now you are trying to test the water to see if she wants to play with you. Flirting can be an excellent technique to use to try and get a feel for what she’s thinking. Of course what you want is to use these flirting tips to help you move onto more touching and then hopefully kissing.

Basic Flirting Rules

Before you begin flirting there are a number of important rules that you need to have locked in first.

  • Smile, smile and keep smiling. You need to present a positive image and make the whole experience fun. Flirting just won’t work if you are too serious or look unhappy. How can a girl like you if you don’t smile?
  • Start with some light flirting, try not to go for the really obvious innuendo right from the start as this may ruin your chances. Not that you can’t do this once you’ve established that’s she is into you.
  • Eye contact is really important while flirting. This will help establish the intimacy that you are trying to set up. Try holding your gaze with here for 3 seconds.
  • The game here is to get her laughing with you, if you flirt while holding her gaze while laughing you are starting to do well.

Tips On What Not To Do While Flirting

Some of the best flirting tips are around what not to do as follows:

  • While flirting try to keep you eyes looking at the girl above her shoulders.

    Flirting Tips Above Shoulders

    Keep Your Eyes Looking Above Her Shoulders.

  • Don’t stare at her breasts as she’ll think that you are a creep.
  • Don’t do the head to toes look up and down. This can look really arrogant and creepy at the same time.
  • Don’t go from one extreme to the other try to build slowly so that she knows what you are about. Try not to confuse the girl with a well positioned compliment followed a second later by a naughty innuendo the next. You need to build up first.
  • Don’t be arrogant, girls hate this, you need to be able to engage with the girl on her level so if you are not there you have little chance in succeeding.
  • Too much eye contact can make her feel uncomfortable. Try to balance this out.
  • Keep your hands to yourself, touching without building up to it can be quite offensive to some girls. Take your time on this but also touching at the right time during the advanced stages of flirting is critical.

Flirting Strategies In Summary

So the best flirting advice and tips that I can give you are around combining multiple dating techniques. Do yourself a favour and check out my article on how to approach girls and combine it with the advice above. You will also need some good pickup lines to get you going and these will need to be well thought through as well. You can pretty much say anything and make it flirty so you will need to be careful with this. My main flirting tip is start slowly, try to build up, hold the girls gaze and communicate as much as you can with your eye to eye contact.

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